ICRC 2019

36th International Cosmic Ray Conference
(24.07.2019 – 01.08.2019)
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  • D. Kostunin: Seven years of Tunka-Rex operation
  • D. Kostunin: Quest for detection of a cosmological signal from neutral hydrogen with a digital radio array developed for air-shower measurements
  • V. Lenok: Modeling the Aperture of Radio Instruments for Air-Shower Detection
  • N. Lubsandorzhiev: The hybrid installation TAIGA: design, status and preliminary results
  • N. Lubsandorzhiev: The TAIGA-IACT camera: construction, calibration, performance
  • A. Porelli: TAIGA-HiSCORE – Results from the upgraded 0.5km2 wide-angle Cherenkov timing array
  • E. Postnikov: Monte Carlo simulation of the hybrid gamma-ray detection approach in the TAIGA experiment
  • Y. Sagan: TAIGA observatory: IACT fabrication and tests

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