ISCRA 2019

The 2nd International Symposium on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics
(25.06.2019 – 28.06.2019)
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  • A. Chiavassa: Cosmic rays around the knee: status and open problems
  • M. Tluczykont: Gamma-ray air shower detection methods
  • N. Lubsandorzhiev: The gamma-observatory TAIGA: design, status and preliminary results
  • A. Grinyuk: Monte Carlo simulation of the TAIGA hybrid gamma-ray experiment
  • L. Sveshnikova: TAIGA: Hybrid method in VHE gamma-ray astronomy (first results and perspectives)
  • V. Prosin: Primary energy spectrum by the data of EAS Cherenkov light arrays Tunka-133 and TAIGA-HiSCORE

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