35th International Cosmic Ray Conference 2017
(10.07.2017 – 20.07.2017)
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  • Frank Schroeder: Experiment TunkaOverview on the Tunka-Rex antenna array for cosmic-ray air showers
  • Oleg Fedorov: Detector efficiency and exposure of Tunka-Rex for cosmic-ray air showers
  • Dmitriy Kostunin: Improved measurements of the energy and shower maximum of cosmic rays with Tunka-Rex
  • Nema Lubsandorzhiev: Camera of the first TAIGA-IACT: construction and calibration
  • Evgeniy Postnikov: Commissioning the joint operation of the wide angle timing HiSCORE Cherenkov array with the first IACT of the TAIGA experiment
  • Martin Tluczykont: TAIGA-HiSCORE: results from the first two operation seasons
  • Nikolay Budnev: TAIGA – a hybrid detector complex for high energy gamma-ray astro-physics and cosmic ray physics in the Tunka valley
  • Dmitriy Zhurov: Software design for the TAIGA-IACT telescope pointing and control system
  • Vladimir Samoliga: A study of the EAS Cherenkov light time profile with the HiSCORE experiment
  • Lubov Sveshnikova: Search for gamma-ray emission above 50 TeV from Crab Nebula with the TAIGA detector
  • Ralf Wischnewski: TAIGA-HiSCORE detection of the CATS-Lidar on the ISS as fast moving point source

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