TAIGA-HiSCORE is an array of integrating Cherenkov detector stations with a wide Field of View (FoV ~0.6 sr). Each detector station consists of 4 large area PMTs (20 cm and 25 cm in diameter),  located next to each other and equipped with a Winston cone to increase the effective light collection area by 4 times. The PMTs have Winston-cone shape light-guides, which increase their light collection area by a factor of four. The PMT outputs are summed up, and are digitized by a pulse-shape recording data-acquisition system. The time precision is better than a nanosecond (one billionth of a second), and is kept over the full array size.


HiSCORE station (center) and TAIGA-IACT (Telescope, right).
More HiSCORE stations are visible to the left and center (up to 400m)

The detector stations are placed at distances of 150-200m from each other. The ~100 stations of the array cover an area of ~1 km² (which, at a later phase of the experiment, can be extended to ~10 km²).


HiSCORE station, with the four light collecting segments (PMTs). A diagonal line of HiSCORE stations (at distance of ~100 m from each other)